INHJP Casino News Why You Should Try Cash Frenzy Casino

Why You Should Try Cash Frenzy Casino

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Cash Frenzy Casino is a new social casino. While it’s pretty much a traditional Vegas Style social casino, it has many fun and unique features.

And let’s face it. We all want Cash Frenzy Casino free coins. Don’t worry, I have plenty of tips below.

How to Earn Cash Frenzy Casino Free Coins

Let’s just say that balance is key.

If you’re already experienced in this kind of slots casinos, you will not expect to win lots from spins. And you will be right.

Most slots wins will equal to around 10 percent of your original wager. Most 5-of-a-kind hits will only return your bet. So, you must rely on three things here:

  1. Four progressive jackpots that are featured with every slot machine
  2. In-game features
  3. Missions and bonuses

Cash Frenzy Casino Free Coins

First, let’s talk about jackpots. Yes, each slot does feature a four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. But these are social casino jackpots. They will change according to your bet. Real money slots don’t do that.

In other words, if you are trying to hit the jackpot, it’s not worth risking more, than your bankroll allows.

Second, the in-game features.  Most slots have a progress bar. It fills up when you bet a certain minimum of coins per spin.  It’s useful, but only to an extent.

If you are playing a slot you like, go ahead and bet enough to see the bar fill up. But it’s not useful for testing purposes. As we’ve established, slots don’t pay all that much. So, betting even more will only drain your bankroll quicker.

Cash Frenzy Casino Free CoinsNote, you need several progress bar fillups to trigger special features.

And third, missions and bonuses. If you’re hungry for Cash Frenzy Casino free chips, that’s where you get them. Some missions (level 10, level 15) pay five million coins each!  Remember, you start with one million.

Bonuses are just as great. Just make sure you come back to the app daily to get your multiplier.

Cash Frenzy Casino free coins via Collections

On level 15, you will unlock what Cash Frenzy Casino calls Amazing Stamps. Rightly so.  They are amazing. First, you don’t need to do anything but play. Random stamp drops will happen every 20 minutes or so.

What’s in it for you? You guessed it, millions and millions of Cash Frenzy Casino free coins.

Keep in mind though, that these stamps are meant to make Cash Frenzy Casino money. So, filling up the biggest (90 million worth) collections will be extremely hard without making any stamp purchases. But filling up every collection is not the goal. Think of it as effortless free coins. Some will happen, some won’t.

Unlike some other social casinos, Cash Frenzy Casino doesn’t offer any story to move things along. Sometimes it’s what you are looking for. If you feel like it right now, check them out.

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