INHJP Gambling Casino in the World of Online Gaming Competitions

Casino in the World of Online Gaming Competitions

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Can casino be competitive?

I think so. I hope so.

Of course, not in the current condition. But with some amendments it could easily become Top 10 eGaming sport in the world.

Here’s why.

The potential of Casino games

We like things that are familiar to us. Getting to know something requires effort which we are evolved to avoid.

Casino is effortless. We’ve seen it in movies countless times, we know most of the rules, some of us already have experience playing casino games online or live.

Casino generally involves money. Usually, someone getting rich in seconds. That’s why we go crazy over movies like Ocean’s 13, 21, etc. And what about that clip where Jake Codie, pro poker player puts all tournament winnings on roulette? People love it!

And here’s what’s already happening that you may not be aware of. Popular games come and go. Believe me, even Fortnite will not stay at the top forever. But you know who’s always in the top 5-6 on Twitch by popularity? Casino. Yeah, really!

The Problem and the Solution

You want to make a lot of money? Start a project making Casino into a competitive sport. If you do it right, you’ll be Bill Gates-rich.

What has to change?

Casinos are luck-only. That’s not a competition. So, the first problem to solve here is how you can eliminate the casino (as the establishment) and alter the rules were skills would dominate.

There’s probably some place for luck. Most games have implemented RNG in one way or another. But it must be limited.

Second, there must be a way to pile players one against the other. Or, better yet, make teams. A great example would actually be a card counting competition.

Lastly, it must be interesting. Like we mentioned, casino games are inherently exciting. That helps. But over time (imagine watching roulette for three hours) the games may become monotonous.

So, it will require some rule changes. Small enough for it to still be the same game, but big enough to make it a spectator sport, which anyone could get better at.

For example, when roulette adds another ball, it’s still the same familiar game (but not based on skill). But if you made two players compete who can get the most in, let’s say, 30 spins, that would make it competitive.

In any case, casino offers a world of possibilities to businesses, but not so much for the players. eGaming revolution could change that. Will it?

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