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Five Best Social Casino Tips

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Social Casino TipsWhat do we want? Casino games!

When do we want it? Now.

How do we want it? Free!

No worries, it’s all possible. But only if you follow my best tips to playing social casino games.

 #1 Don’t rush it!

IF you download a casino app right now, you will get free slots. That should be enough for the time being. Anything else will come at its own pace. I promise.

In fact, if your casino app has locked games until you reach a certain XP level, try scrolling right until the end. Chances are you will notice two things:

*Slots will become harder to unlock.

*There’s like 200 or 800 levels to unlock.

In other words, you won’t get there in a day. So, it’s better not to rush it at all.

#2 Keep a close eye on your wagers

There’s a trick that casinos often use to get you to play higher. They make it seem like it’s for your benefit i.e. bigger rewards. But it REALLY is not.

The trick is this. With every new XP level, you will unlock bigger wagers. Some casinos will automatically reset your current wager to whatever is the highest.

You can hit a big win this way. You might. But eight times out of ten you will simply bust.

#3 Bankroll is Crucial

Social Casino BankrollHave you come across a fantasy story where someone, usually the main character, has the ability to see other people’s lifespan. At social casino it’s like that.

In this story, you are the main character. And you have the ability to see your own lifespan, which is your bankroll.

It’s not only about watching your wager, like we talked in the previous point, it’s also about the games themselves.

Remember, casinos want you to have fun, but they need you to lose coins, so you would make purchases. You will often be encouraged to try a new game you just unlocked, even though it’s way above your bankroll limits.

Rule of thumb: make sure you have at least 250 spins given your play level.

#4 Bonuses are not a waste

Another trick to keep in mind, is that casinos have hourly bonuses to keep you logging in several times a day. And daily bonuses to keep your coming back daily.

When you build your bankroll, they will become insignificant enough to skip them. But on low levels they are precious. Especially if you get multipliers for coming back several days in a row. Do not skip them, if you want to have coins.

#5 Jackpots are fake

Social Casino JackpotsThey are. Jackpots don’t change. In a casino, the jackpot may be one million dollars. That’s what you stand to win regardless of your bet.

But in social casinos jackpots change in size but not the proportion.  If you bet 10,000, your jackpot will be 10x. The same if you bet 10 million coins or 100 million coins.

Jackpots are nice to win, but they are not worth chasing. Especially if you risk your bankroll doing it.

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