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MyVegas free chips cheat

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We don’t like to hear it but deep down we know. We won’t win at casino games. We’ll try. We’ll win some. But we’ll continue on to play, until we’re back to zero.

That’s why they are called casino games. So, in order to win, we must use cheats and tricks. If you know how to card count, that’s a start.

Unfortunatelly, most of the cheats you and I know will get us thrown out of the casino. The good news is that won’t happen at social casinos. They are already free.

What about MyVegas? It’s not as easy but there are some tips and tricks to use to get yourself free chips.

My Best MyVegas Free Chips Cheat

MyVegas free chipsCaution: MyVegas has partnered with real Las Vegas casinos. Which makes cheating mostly impossible. Otherwise, everyone would be cheating their way into free luxury stays at the Venetian or Caesar’s.

If you are saving for real holiday benefits, this cheat is not for you.  On the other hand, you can use the cheat below to get coins for free MyVegas slots.

Check out the hack below and earn hundreds of thousands of coins free.

 Legit Ways of Earning Coins

You can play slots and go for big rewards, and at the same time, you can be earning a ton of free coins.

Here are the few of most profitable ways to do that.

  1. Go on the Journey

MyVegas has three journeys prepared for you, which are basically collections of missions to complete on different games. One journey is open to you when you join, the other two unlock at levels 10 and 16.

It’s all worth the trouble, I promise.

  1. Multipliers

Like at most casinos, the vast majority of free coins will come to you through bonuses and gifts. The hourly bonuses reset every two hours, plus there is a huge daily bonus.

But don’t underestimate consistency. Casinos love that. If you want millions of coins for nothing, learn to come regularly and on time. Of course, I’m talking about multipliers. Every bonus has one. 500,000 coins could be three million coins if you come back on several consecutive days.

  1. Managing wagers

myVEGAS Slots free spinsPerhaps many of you reading this will find this point a bit redundant. Good. If you’ve been to a real casino, you know that you have to look after your bankroll. But, as it seems, when you get free coins every two hours, players are more prone to throwing away coins.

I’ll say this only once – if you don’t regard your free coins are real casino currency, you will go nowhere.

  1. Play

Hey, do you know that most casinos will lock 99 percent of their games to encourage you to play? Well, at MyVegas all games are accessible. There is no reason not to try as many as you can. Go from slot to slot, and see which ones pay best.

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