INHJP Donald Trump Surprising facts about Donald Trump you might not have known

Surprising facts about Donald Trump you might not have known

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The 45th President of the United States of America took charge of the country last year. Although there have been conflicting views about his win, he took charge of the White House on the 58th Presidential Inauguration. Even till today there have been conflicting views about his presidency. He is also known for his outspoken mind and lack of participation in politics before being nominated for the presidency compared to his opponents – this page.

  • Trump was a businessman and TV star before he became a politician. This is also a reason why he has had conflicting views from citizens. He was a part of the famous reality TV show called The Apprentice. He was a producer and then a host of the famous show. As a result of this, he gained a lot of popularity which even got him to enter Hollywood’s Walk of fame (get more info) . You can find his name if you visit the Walk of fame. Trump also played small cameos out of which Home Alone 2 is the most famous one.
  • Donald Trump started out his career through real estates. He owns one of the most famous casinos in America and the world called the Trump Tajmahal. It was very famous and attracted gamblers from all over the world. However, during the 1990s he went through financial crisis and bankruptcy. His share of the casino was sold. He came out from the crisis and till date owns more than 100 companies making him a successful businessman.
  • Trump has married twice with two divorces and married his current wife Melania Trump in 2005. He has a total of 5 children with all the three wives.
  • The famous skyscraper called the Trump tower belongs to the Trump family and has been the base for the much successful business of the family. It has both residential and commercial services. The residential services were so famous and successful that almost all of it was sold out as soon as it was opened.
  • Did you know that Donald Trump does not drink alcohol? He has mentioned that he does not drink alcohol because his brother who was an important person in his life died from it.
  • A lawsuit was filed by Donald Trump in 2009 against Timothy O’Brien for citing Trump as a millionaire instead of a billionaire in his book TrumpNation: The Art of being Donald. He filed a lawsuit for $5million!
  • Trump has been known for his strange antics. Did you know that he threatened to halt an experimental wind farm in Scotland because he did not want it to ruin the view of his golf resort? Obviously, the Scottish government did not give in to his threat. They allowed the company to continue with its experiment.
  • Donald Trump took over the world of beauty pageants from 1996. Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe functioned under his ownership. There have been controversies regarding his bias for and against certain nationalities within the beauty pageants – click to read more.

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