INHJP Donald Trump Things that have changed under Donald Trump’s presidency

Things that have changed under Donald Trump’s presidency

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Donald Trump took over his role as a President this year despite conflicting views from the American citizens. Even before his win, he had several agendas he promised to fulfil if he gets elected as President. Now that it has been around half a year since he took charge, there have been several changes that he has brought about. Some of them have been welcomed by several sections of the country, and some have opposed his changes greatly. Here are some of them:

  • Obamacare:

Repealing Obamacare has been something Trump has worked upon right from the beginning of his presidency. According to him, Obamacare has been a ‘fiscal burden’ on the country. Obamacare was something many people were in support of. It supported and provided subsidised health insurance to more than 20 million people including those who live in difficult financial conditions.

  • Banning of transgender in the military:

This was a recent happening where Donald Trump out of the blue tweeted towards the end of July about the ban of transgender in the military because of the costs and expenses for transgender in the military. However, this remains only a tweet because there is no formal policy that has been executed. Higher ups in the military personnel have also stated that Trump’s tweet will not affect transgenders currently serving in the army. The tweet and announcement seemed to have come out of the blue from the President without discussing with the US military because they revealed that they found out about it only from his tweet. We do not know if this policy will come into existence, but Trump seems to be in favour of this.Even though it is not a policy currently, the President’s tweets haves created a big uproar in the country.

  • Dakota Pipelines:

Donald Trump gave a yes to installing pipelines in Dakota. This created a big uproar among people especially those who live in that area because drilling pipelines would mean the destruction of important places including homes and heritage sites. People living there were also extremely concerned about the pollution it would lead to.

  • The firing of the FBI director:

It came to a big surprise when Trump fired the FBI director James Comey. US presidents in the pasts have never done this besides Clinton, and that was because the director was caught in ethical violation (click site). This was very surprising and raised questions because he was fired after it was announced by Comey that he and his team were investigating if Russia was involved in Trump’swin. According to Trump, the reason for firing him was because he believed that Comey did not handle Hillary Clinton’s email investigation poorly.

  • Relationship with other countries:

Trump’s presidency has ignited tension and complicated relationships with statements he made about China and Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Another change was that under Obama, the TPP was seen as a great policy for international trade relationships. Trump signed for withdrawal of the TPP – more info.

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